The Spectre: Crimes & Judgements (Episode Intro)

In detective stories, there is a cliché…to catch a criminal you have to get into their head. With the character of The Spectre that metaphor is literal. The Spectre was created in the Golden Age as a supernatural superhero and even sat on the Justice League of America at one point. But in later

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Collected Edition: Episode 91: Rachel Rising

"...his panels don’t so much seek to terrify, but rather they haunt you. It is disturbing and beautiful." Today on the program we discuss the horror comic Rachel Rising by Terry Moore. This is a stark, scary, disturbing, and strangely funny comic. If you've never read Terry Moore's should. He is a singular creator, one

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Collected Edition: Episode 86: The Spectre: Crimes & Judgements

"This being the 90s Crimes and Judgments falls into the excesses that decade could bring." In this episode, we discuss The Spectre: Crimes and Judgments by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake from 1992. This is a gritty, noir, horror thriller with 90s excess...we have opinions. This is a story full of contradictions, missed opportunities, and

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Collected Edition: Episode 64: Aliens: Salvation

"The narration is formed not simply as a recounting of events but as a kind of confession and at times almost as a form of prayer." Today on the program we discuss the 1993 on-shot Aliens: Salvation by Dave Gibbons with art by Mike Mignola. In the long, long history of the Alien franchise, Salvation is

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Collected Edition: Episode 51: The Living Mummy

Happy Halloween Everyone! Today on the program we talk horror comics from the 1970s! Specifically the Living Mummy. In the 1950s the Comic Book Code all but killed the horror comic. But in the 1970s restrictions were eased a bit allowing horror to come back to comics – Marvel was quick to capitalize on this

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