Be Back Soon…

The Collected Edition will be on a temporary hiatus until June 2024. Brian and Paul are taking a bit of a break, but fear not! New episodes will resume with all the insight and witty banter you are accustomed to in no time at all. Thank you all for your patience and continued support. In the meantime, we will be spotlighting some past episodes for you to enjoy as well as remastering/reediting some of our older episodes.

Flashback Spotlight: Episode 70: Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Oh the 70s were strange, weren’t they? Case in point: When Marver acquired the rights to Godzilla and attempted to incorporate the giant, irradiated lizard into continuity. So yes, Godzilla fought the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and of course, ended up in New York. It’s really quite fun.  Check it out.

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A monthly podcast where we discuss the famous and infamous runs and story arcs throughout the history of comics with Brian Reese and Paul Matthew Carr.

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