Happy Halloween Everyone!

Today on the program we talk horror comics from the 1970s! Specifically the Living Mummy.

In the 1950s the Comic Book Code all but killed the horror comic. But in the 1970s restrictions were eased a bit allowing horror to come back to comics – Marvel was quick to capitalize on this and rushed into publication titles such as: Tomb of Dracula, Werewolf by Night, Monster of Frankenstein and of course – The Living Mummy.

The Living Mummy first appeared in Supernatural Thrillers #5 but proved to be so popular that the character was brought back in issue #7 and stayed as the lead story in the book until its cancellation after issue #15.

Created by Steve Gerber and written at first by him and then later Tony Isabella, with suitably creepy art by Val Mayerik – the Living Mummy is an interesting and compelling glimpse into an industry that was just coming out of its own creative entombment and lumbering toward an unknown, uncertain future.

Also on the program we talk – well actually Paul talks about – the new character of Man-Slaughter, a Weapon X version of Man-Thing. Its…well its a thing for sure. We also briefly talk about the new X-Man run by Johnathan Hickman and if there is ever a good jumping on point in comics.

Listen in for a spooktactular Halloween episode! Actually its just a regular episode with a different intro – but its still good.

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