Collected Edition: Episode 107: Spider-Man Xmas

“One of my favorites among the multitude of Xmas stories!” It's that festive time of the year and what's a better way to celebrate than with a rolicking adventure from the legendary Darwyn Cooke? It's got everything: The Fantastic Four, [...]

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Collected Edition: Episode 104: The Rocketeer

“Nostalgia writ large” Today on the program we discuss the retro adventure-chic masterpiece that is The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens. It's cool, it's beautiful, it ended too soon. In addition, we talk about the passing of Keith Giffen, a true [...]

Collected Edition: Episode 103: Green Lantern Green Arrow

“Conflict in narrative is fun!” The premise of the show is to talk about the famous and infamous runs in comics, and this comic falls perfectly into both categories. Probably one of the most acclaimed and controversial runs in comics, [...]

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Collected Edition: Episode 102: Doctor Who Classics

“…it prioritizes intelligence and romanticism over violence and cynicism.” Today on the program we talk about the greatest thing in the history of the world...Doctor Who! In particular, the stories The Star Beast and the City of the Damned, both [...]

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Collected Edition: Episode 101: TMNT The Last Ronin

“...dynamic and fast-paced action rendered with cyber-punk aesthetics mixed with epic Kurosawa-esc samurai visuals.” Listener Request! Neither Brian nor I are TMNT fans - or at least we were not familiar with the franchise to claim to be one. But [...]

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Collected Edition: Episode 100: JSA All-Star Comics

“Much of this is highly entertaining, goofy four-color fun.” Episode 100! Woo Hoo! And for this momentous occasion, we delve deep into the history of comics and discuss the very first (?) superhero team - the Justice Society of America! [...]

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