Doom rides a surfboard! Specifically, the time when Dr. Doom stole the Silver Surfer’s board. This fantastic (pun intended) panel is from Fantastic Four #57 from way back in 1966. This period is arguably the most creative time for collaborators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

They were doing new and innovative things with story and art and simply taking the medium to whole new levels. In this particular issue, the to took per-established characters and storylines and merged them to create something really exciting.

Actually, there is a whole bunch of things happening in this issue. The Fantastic Four (minus Human Torch) battle Sandman (a Spider-Man villain) in New York while Johnny (Human Torch) and Wyatt Wingfoot (actual name) attempt to convince Lockjaw (a giant teleporting bulldog) to take them to Attilan (the subterranean city not to be confused with Atlantis) to meet with the Inhumans (a race of alien mutated humans) but who instead takes them to an alternate dimension where dinosaur-like animals attempt to stampede them. And that’s just the “A” plot!

Meanwhile, over in Latveria (the tiny European nation ruled by Dr. Doom), Doom invites the Silver Surfer to meet with him. Doom takes the Surfer on a tour of his castle and eventually distracts him while he attaches science to him draining the Surfer of his Power Cosmic. Doom then steals the Surfer’s board and flies around terrorizing the citizens of Latveria.

Yea comics! It’s all very insane and awesome. It is truly a classic of Silver Age comics and just a joy to read. And you get to see a man in a metal suit ride a flying surfboard; does not get better than that.

This was also the inspiration for 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie which was horrible and should not be mentioned, so I won’t.

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