“The narration is formed not simply as a recounting of events but as a kind of confession and at times almost as a form of prayer.”

Today on the program we discuss the 1993 on-shot Aliens: Salvation by Dave Gibbons with art by Mike Mignola. In the long, long history of the Alien franchise, Salvation is lauded as not only one of the great comics but as one of the great stories. One that is able to convey the innate horror of the Xenomorph and the political machinations behind the scenes, while at the same time telling a personal character, driven tale. Horror and faith collide in this classic story with an ambiguous lead character and fantastic art. Also, Brian and Paul get a little deep trying to figure out what a grey area is.

In addition, we chat about DC’s Future State, what’s happening in Daredevil, and legacy characters in general. Do we ramble a bit? Of course we do.

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