Collected Edition: Episode 103: Green Lantern Green Arrow

“Conflict in narrative is fun!” The premise of the show is to talk about the famous and infamous runs in comics, and this comic falls perfectly into both categories. Probably one of the most acclaimed and controversial runs in comics, Neal Adams and Denny O'Neil's Green Lantern Green Arrow arguably changed comics forever. But is

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Hellblazer: Original Sins (Episode Intro)

In 1984 noted musician Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner made a brief cameo in issue 25 of the comic book Swamp Thing wearing a black and red striped t-shirt. A year later he would appear again in Swamp Thing number 37, magically transformed (possibly through the powers of tantric sex) into the character of John

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Collected Edition: Episode 100: JSA All-Star Comics

“Much of this is highly entertaining, goofy four-color fun.” Episode 100! Woo Hoo! And for this momentous occasion, we delve deep into the history of comics and discuss the very first (?) superhero team - the Justice Society of America! Full of Golden Age wackiness and wartime propaganda, All-Star Comics is an interesting and fascinating

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Collected Edition: Episode 99: Creature Commandos

“And it can be a lot of fun for the sheer goofiness of its premise and the audacity for even attempting it.” Today on the program we discuss a weird one - the Creature Commandos! It's about soldiers during WW2 who get transformed into movie monsters in order to scare the enemy. Seriously. The premise

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Collected Edition: Episode 98: Hellblazer Original Sins

“A great intro to the laughing magician, and a harrowing series of events. Strewth!” One of the longest-running Vertigo titles and one of the best. Along its run, Hellblazer featured a long list of some of the more talented and acclaimed creators in comics. On this episode, we discuss where it all began (sort of)

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Collected Edition: Episode 96: The Shadow

"I don’t know if this is a “good” comic, but it is a hugely entertaining one." Today on the's a weird one! It's the super violent and super bizarre The Shadow by Andy Helfer with art by Kyle Baker and Bill Sienkiewicz. This is some bat-shit crazy stuff people! A comic that manages to

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Collected Edition: Episode 95: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

"It is a veritable 'Where’s Waldo' of gothic and Victorian novels." Today on the program we will be discussing The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a troubled classic by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill. This is a creative tour de force, an overflowing toy chest full of rich ideas, mixing multiple copyright-free characters in a story full

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Collected Edition: Episode 94: Longshot

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t." Today on the just got lucky! We will be discussing Longshot - the 80s comic Ann Nocenti and illustrated by a young Art Adams. And this is as 80s as 80s get. Interdimensional amneasia, mullets, and pouches! Nocenti does some spectacular writing at its purplest,

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