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Collected Edition: Episode 104: The Rocketeer

“Nostalgia writ large” Today on the program we discuss the retro adventure-chic masterpiece that is The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens. It's cool, it's beautiful, it ended too soon. In addition, we talk about the passing of Keith Giffen, a true [...]

Collected Edition: Episode 101: TMNT The Last Ronin

“...dynamic and fast-paced action rendered with cyber-punk aesthetics mixed with epic Kurosawa-esc samurai visuals.” Listener Request! Neither Brian nor I are TMNT fans - or at least we were not familiar with the franchise to claim to be one. But [...]

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Collected Edition: Episode 76: Master of Kung Fu

“…excellent fight choreography desperately in need of a purpose.” Today on the program we discuss the...difficult comic that is Master of Kung Fu. This is the early 70s attempt to cash in on the Kung Fu craze that introduces the [...]

By |2024-04-23T10:04:55-06:00August 15, 2021|Adventure, Collected Edition, Marvel, Superhero|0 Comments

Collected Edition: Episode 71: Dreadstar

“High space adventure awaits!” Journey back with us to the far-away time of the 1980swhere a new imprint - Epic - was being launched with the flagship title: Dreadstar! Written and drawn by the legendary Jim Starlin this tells the [...]

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