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Collected Edition: Episode 107: Spider-Man Xmas

“One of my favorites among the multitude of Xmas stories!” It's that festive time of the year and what's a better way to celebrate than with a rolicking adventure from the legendary Darwyn Cooke? It's got everything: The Fantastic Four, [...]

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Collected Edition: Episode 102: Doctor Who Classics

“…it prioritizes intelligence and romanticism over violence and cynicism.” Today on the program we talk about the greatest thing in the history of the world...Doctor Who! In particular, the stories The Star Beast and the City of the Damned, both [...]

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Collected Edition: Episode 78: The Eternals

“Even the great Neil Gaiman it seems cannot make the Eternals interesting.” Today on the program we discuss the 2007 reboot(ish) of the Eternals by the great Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr. Can they revitalize and reinvigorate the sprawling [...]

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Collected Edition: Episode 76: Master of Kung Fu

“…excellent fight choreography desperately in need of a purpose.” Today on the program we discuss the...difficult comic that is Master of Kung Fu. This is the early 70s attempt to cash in on the Kung Fu craze that introduces the [...]

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