Collected Edition: Episode 68: Captain America: Winter Soldier

“…a tight storyline of espionage, politics, corporate dealings, and betrayal all shrouded in mystery.” Today on the program Captain America: Winter Soldier the epic story written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Steve Epting. The story arc consists of a complicated plot led by a Russian oligarch, armed with a mystical cosmic weapon, and aided

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Collected Edition: Episode 43: Captain America: Man & Wolf

Today on the program – a classic story the has touched the heart of almost every comic book fan throughout history...just kidding it's the one where Captain America becomes a werewolf. Written by Mark Gruenwald at the tail end of his epic run on Cap this story is bonkers. I mean Captain America is turned

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Collected Edition: Episode 3: Captain America: Secret Empire

On this episode we discuss Captain America Vol. 1: Secret Empire the celebrated 1974 run by Steve Englehart with art by Sal Buscema. Listen as we discuss the original Secret Empire not the ... thing... that is currently being published by Marvel. Its 70s comics talking about Watergate with awesome villains like...the Tumbler!  And Moonstone. You know, those A-listers

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Captain America Is A Nazi: Why That Matters

So the big reveal from last week's Captain America: Steve Rogers first issue is that Captain America - Sentinel of Liberty and all-around nice guy - is actually a Nazi. Okay, not a Nazi exactly - a Hydra sleeper agent. But Hydra, no matter how many times it's been retconned over the years, has always

Hey, What You Reading? Captain America: Sam Wilson #1

Captain America is a great character when done right. In the hands of a writer that understands the character, Cap is a symbol of honor and courage and leadership. And, him being a walking flag and all, he can be used as a way to start discussions on the political climate of the day. Problem

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