Collected Edition: Episode 62: The Long Halloween

“...a noir style murder mystery. It tells an epic story on a street-level scale ” A special Halloween edition! Today on the program Batman: The Long Halloween - the classic story written by Jeph Loeb with art by Tim Sale. There have been many iconic and influential stories in the history of Batman. It seems

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Collected Edition: Episode 35: 2018 Holiday Special

Happy holidays everyone! On this episode we discuss two holiday issues: Batman Adventures: Holiday Special The 1994 collection of five holiday stories based on the classic Batman Animated Series. Written by Paul Dini and illustrated by several artists it is a collection of short vignettes that range from slapstick to tender. It also features the

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Collected Edition: Episode 17: Gotham by Gaslight

On this episode we discuss the classic 1989 Elseworld story Gotham by Gaslight  - the Victorian era Batman adventure by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola. An Elseworlds story of course is an alternate version of a character not set in the main continuity. This could involve alternate realities, timelines, or time periods. In this way a character could be explored

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A Parliament of Owls (Or How Comic Books Make You Smarter)

Not very long ago I was out with some friends having dinner at a cozy little café in the mountains. It was a beautiful Colorado evening and we sat out on the deck as the sun was setting among the aspens and pines as hummingbirds and finches and jays nestled in the branches and ate

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