The Spectre: Crimes & Judgements (Episode Intro)

In detective stories, there is a cliché…to catch a criminal you have to get into their head. With the character of The Spectre that metaphor is literal. The Spectre was created in the Golden Age as a supernatural superhero and even sat on the Justice League of America at one point. But in later

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Collected Edition: Episode 86: The Spectre: Crimes & Judgements

"This being the 90s Crimes and Judgments falls into the excesses that decade could bring." In this episode, we discuss The Spectre: Crimes and Judgments by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake from 1992. This is a gritty, noir, horror thriller with 90s excess...we have opinions. This is a story full of contradictions, missed opportunities, and

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