Collected Edition: Episode 56: The Kree Skrull War

Today on the program we will be discussing the Avengers classic and highly influential epic space adventure The Kree Skrull War. This is 70s comics at its crazy, goofy best. Plus there's a smattering of political and social commentary for good measure. Written by written by Roy Thomas, with art by Sal and John Buscema

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Collected Edition: Episode 3: Captain America: Secret Empire

On this episode we discuss Captain America Vol. 1: Secret Empire the celebrated 1974 run by Steve Englehart with art by Sal Buscema. Listen as we discuss the original Secret Empire not the ... thing... that is currently being published by Marvel. Its 70s comics talking about Watergate with awesome villains like...the Tumbler!  And Moonstone. You know, those A-listers

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