Today on the program we will be discussing the Avengers classic and highly influential epic space adventure The Kree Skrull War. This is 70s comics at its crazy, goofy best. Plus there’s a smattering of political and social commentary for good measure. Written by written by Roy Thomas, with art by Sal and John Buscema along with Neal Adams (how’s that for a creative team?) the story was originally published in Marvel Comics comics and includes Avengers  issues #89 thru 97. Just so much to talk about from androids in love, to cows secretly being aliens, a thinly veiled McCarthy stand-in, mandroids, and so much more!

Also, Brian is going through the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time (how did it take him so long to get around to these movies? Its a mystery) so we discuss his progress so far and initial thoughts.

So join us for a rambling discussion of wonderful 70s comics weirdness!

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