Collected Edition: Episode 54: Camelot 3000

And we're back... And this week we are discussing King spaaaaaaaace! That's right we'll be tailing about the first maxi series Camelot 3000 from DC Comics written by Mike W. Barr and Brian Bolland. This is a highly influential comic that paved the way for things like Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns and many

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Collected Edition: Episode 52: Judge Dredd – The Cursed Earth

Satire! Parody! 1970s weirdness at its finest! Today on the program we discuss the 1978 Judge Dredd story-arc The Cursed Earth originally published in 2000AD (the magazine not the year).  Loosely based on Roger Zelazny's novel Damnation Alley the story finds out titular anti-hero traveling across a nuclear fallout wasteland on a mission to save

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