And we’re back…

And this week we are discussing King Arthur…in spaaaaaaaace!

That’s right we’ll be tailing about the first maxi series Camelot 3000 from DC Comics written by Mike W. Barr and Brian Bolland. This is a highly influential comic that paved the way for things like Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns and many others. It also deals with several controversial topics like sex and gender and race. Does it still stand up almost 40 years later?  Well…I guess you’ll just have to listen.

Also, Brian and Paul give their top five picks for best/favorite comics of the year (2019 that is).

NOTE: This episode was recorded quite a while ago and was meant to be the end of year/holiday episode but do to illness things got delayed. But now all is well! And new episodes will start arriving next week.

So join us for a rousing discussion of knights in space! You’ll be glad you did.


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