Collected Edition: Episode 100: JSA All-Star Comics

“Much of this is highly entertaining, goofy four-color fun.” Episode 100! Woo Hoo! And for this momentous occasion, we delve deep into the history of comics and discuss the very first (?) superhero team - the Justice Society of America! Full of Golden Age wackiness and wartime propaganda, All-Star Comics is an interesting and fascinating

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Superman’s Christmas Adventure (Episode Intro)

I am not one to dwell on plot holes. In fact, if you want to get right down to it, I personally believe that plot holes don’t exist. You see, when you find an inconsistency or a continuity error in a story this isn’t something that was just overlooked – there are teams of

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Collected Edition: Episode 93: Superman’s Christmas Adventure

“The point is just to have fun, to embrace the joy and wackiness of the season.” Today on the program we discuss Superman's Christmas Adventure from 1940. Written by Jerry Siegel and drawn by Jack Burnley this is a 16-page dose of Golden Age goodness. This is a madcap story; a romp with loads of silliness wrapped

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