“The point is just to have fun, to embrace the
joy and wackiness of the season.”

Today on the program we discuss Superman’s Christmas Adventure from 1940. Written by Jerry Siegel and drawn by Jack Burnley this is a 16-page dose of Golden Age goodness. This is a madcap story; a romp with loads of silliness wrapped up in colorful paper and tied with a bow. No, it doesn’t make sense – and if you think too hard about it it’ll make your head hurt – but if you just embrace the weird you’ll find this Christmas story…is super.

In addition, we give our annual list of “Best Of” comics. They are as follows:

Brian’s list:

  1. 8 Billion Genies – Charles Soule / Ryan Browne
  2. Superman Space Age – Mark Russell / Mike Allred
  3. Defenders Beyond – Al Ewing / Javier Rodríguez
  4. Batgirls – Becky Cloonan / Michael Conrad || Public Domain – Chip Zdarsky
  5. Absolution – Peter Milligan / Mike Deodato Jr.

Paul’s List:

  1. Superman Space Age – Mark Russell / Mike Allred
  2. Nightmare Country – James Tynion IV / Lisandro Estherren
  3. Detective Comics – Ram V / Rafael Albuquerque
  4. Human Target – Tom King / Greg Smallwood
  5. Sacrament – Peter Milligan / Marcelo Frusin

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