“…a fun romp that borders on the ridiculous but also had surprising consequences for the Marvel universe still being felt today”

Today on the program we discuss the 1985 12-issue mini-series The Vision and the Scarlet Witch.  Written by Steve Englehart with art by Richard Howell the series sees the titular characters resign from the Avengers to settle down and have a normal domestic life in New Jersey. Well, as normal as a synthoid man and a mutant witch can hope to achieve that is. This is the one where Wanda becomes pregnant…somehow. Magic we assume. This is a situation that will in no way cause any problems or have any ramifications on the Marvel universe in the future. Anyway, this is a very 80s comic with 80s sensibilities, so we have fun with that.

Also, we talk about the first two episodes of the WandaVision series on DisneyPlus. Spoilers: we think it’s pretty good.

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