“Hate stands as a very singular piece of independent work. That is both deeply personal and excessively caricatured. ”

Today on the program we discuss Hate. Peter Bagge’s early 90s independent comic featuring the trial and tribulations of Buddy Bradly. Please note: the themes and content of this comic are for mature audiences. While we are going to attempt to keep it clean there are subjects and situations that might not be suitable for all audiences. So fair warning to all – it might get rough.

This is an unflinching look at GenX life pre-grunge and starring people that you probably don’t want to know. Still, it is an important and influential comic that has the power to make you laugh and repel you at the same time. A fine line to walk for sure.

Also, talk about the second wave of firings at DC that has caused some to speculate on the direction of the company. And so, not to be left out, we speculate as well.

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