“New life breathed into old clay.
Wonder Woman was wonderful again.”

Today on the program we will be discussing the 2008 four issue Wonder Woman arc – The Circle. Written by Gail Simone with art by Terry and Rachel Dodson.

In 2008, coming off her acclaimed run on Birds of Prey, Gail Simone was given the chance to write for Wonder Woman – a character she admitted she had a great admiration and affection for and a desire to do right by. The result was The Circle. The opening arc in what would be a fantastic run and a modernization of a classic character.

With The Circle Wonder Woman saw a new beginning, while at the same time embracing and re-imagining the past. Combined with the stunning art of Terry and Rachel Dodson, Gail Simone created the template for Wonder Woman that all creators who would come after would follow.

Also, we ramble quite a bit about movies and the lack there of.

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