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“Archie’s spirit is remains simple and sincere.
And that’s just kinda nice.”

Archie Comics is a mainstay of the comic book industry. It’s been plugging away for decades telling simple stories of the joys of youth and the teenage experience through a colorful cast of characters that have become infused into the cultural landscape.

The stories we will be discussing today are from the Silver Age – and they are a travelogue of the fads and fashions of that time – from the swinging mods and rockers of the 60s to the groovy hippies and disco dancers of the 70s. And it tackles hard hitting topics like: how to be a beatnik, the proper way to protest, and probably most important of all – what’s the deal with hot pants?

Also, we talk about Mark Waid returning to DC Comics and speculate on what Brian Michael Bendis will be doing in the future. And we find out Brian does not like Hamilton – which is just wrong.

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