Hello everyone and welcome to the collected edition – a comic book podcast where we discuss the famous and infamous runs and story arcs throughout the history of comics.

Today on the program: Squadron Supreme, the 1985 12-issue limited series by Mark Grunewald, with art by Bob Hall and Paul Ryan.

The Squadron Supreme is of course the group of characters created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema as a pastiche of the Justice League. But in this ground breaking series Grunewald – aided by the art of Bob Hall and Paul Ryan – began the exploration into the implications of how super heroes could affect personal freedom and free will a full year before such titles as Dark Knight Returns and Watchman would put a gritty spin on these ideas. And you can bet a young Mark Waid was already taking notes.

Also on the program Paul and Brian discuss some of the back tiles they’ve been reading during lockdown.

So join us as we discuss the Justice League homage that is the Squadron Supreme.

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