A listener request!

Today on the program we will be discussing Doom Patrol: The Painting That Ate Paris written by Grant Morrison with art by Richard Case. This is our second listener request, this one was requested by Herman Louw of the Into the Weird and Longbox of Darkness podcasts – go listen to them they are wonderful. It’s been a while since the request was made so I hope this lives up to expectations.

This is the second volume in the acclaimed and influential and bonkers run of grant Morrison and we will be getting into all kinds of subjects like literary references, art theory, and philosophy. All the while gushing over the psychedelic fever dream of absurdity that is Doom Patrol.

Also, we discuss the possible ramifications to the comic book world in the wake of the lockdowns as well as the recent news BOOM! has signed a deal with Netflix. And a cat gets involved at some point.

So join us as we discuss the glorious insanity that is the mind of Grant Morrison!

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