First of all sorry for the delay! This was almost a lost episode. There were some technical difficulties and we thought possibly re would need to rerecord. But with some patience, diligence and a few late nights we were able to recover the files. So I hope its worth it.

On the program we will be discussing Moon Knight: From the Dead the 2014 6 issue arc written by Warren Ellis with art by Declan Shalvey and colored magnificently by Jordie Bellaire. This is a new beginning of sorts for the character of Moon Knight And Warren Ellis was able to consolidate all of Moon Knight’s varied and – let’s face it – confusing history into a compelling and intriguing narrative. Filled with beautiful, if disturbing, art this comic is a master class in sequential art. It also creates a template of sorts for the character going forward in comic and now TV.

Also we talk about the strange kerfuffle going on with the rights of Youngblood and Rob Liefield‘s very public breakdown.

In addition we are playing a song The Box based on Moon Knight by the band Deleter off their new EP The Othervoid. If you like the song consider buying it and supporting independent music. You will be glad you did! Do it here: BANDCAMP

Trailer played on the show: Into the Knight: A Moon Knight Podcast

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