Today on the program we will be talking about the 2003 Vertigo series The Losers written by Andy Diggle with art by Jock. The discussion will cover book one that consists of two story-lines “Ante Up” and “Double Down” in which we get to know the characters, we learn of their situation and a little of how and why they have been put on a kill list for what they’ve seen. And we learn the lengths they will go to uncover the conspiracy surrounding that situation and who the mysterious figure of Max that is pulling the strings. Plus tons of bad-ass heist action.

Also on the program we discuss the “pop-up line” (whatever that means) of limited series horror comics called Hill House Comics. This will be part of the Black Label imprint that will apparently taking the place of Vertigo. Hill probably best known for Locke and Key – although he’s pretty prolific and totally the son of Stephen King and everyone knows that – and will be writing two titles and a mini-series along side three other titles announced for the line.

Also, side note if you go to our website you will find a brand new “resources” page in which we will be posting the collected editions we are reading from on every episode with links to Amazon if you would like to purchase it (or anything else for that matter). If you follow that link and buy it there is no additional cost to you but we get a kickback of a few cents or something that goes toward the upkeep of the show – hosting costs and whatnot. So…do that. Please.

So join us – Paul Matthew Carr and Brian Reese – for a lively and rambling and hopefully entertaining discussion on comics and comic related material.

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