Today on the program we will be discussing the iconic Iron man story Demon in a Bottle by primarily David Michelinie and John Romita, Jr. This is of course the somewhat legendary arc that deals with Tony Stark’s decent into alcoholism and subsequent redemption. Does the story still hold up? Does it deserve its reputation? Is Tony Stark any less of a douche? Listen and find out!

In addition to this we talk about the biggest thing in comics, something that keeps popping up, a bone of contention, a hard topic to discuss…yes, it’s Batman’s penis. And we are very mature about the whole thing. On a more somber note we also discuss the passing of Norm Breyfogle, the iconic Batman artist the left us far too young.

So join us – Paul Matthew Carr and Brian K. Reese – for a lively and rambling and hopefully entertaining discussion on comics and comic related material.

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