Today on the program we will be discussing the 1991 crossover event: The Infinity Gauntlet written by Jim Starlin with art by George Pérez and Ron Lim. This is of course a blatant ploy on my part to tie into the upcoming release of The Avengers Infinity War that will draw heavily from this story (by all accounts, I haven’t actually seen it yet as it hasn’t been released.)

This is one of those big, bold, over-the-top kind of comics that are just so much fun to read and talk about.

The Infinity Gauntlet was the 1991 main event, a six issue limited series that revolves around Thanos’ attempts to win the affection of Mistress Death, including killing half the population of the Universe with a snap of his fingers. You know, like you do when you got the hots for a girl. (wait what?) The Infinity Gauntlet is a sweeping, complex cosmic drama with philosophical overtones that continues to be referenced and influential in stories right up to today…and for good or ill, it set the stage for company crossovers for decades to come.

In addition to this we also talk about Amazon reportedly developing an adaptation of Johnathan Hickman’s comics East of West and Transhuman. Both of which to be produced by Robert Kirkman of Walking Dead fame.  And the rumor that Grant Morrison taking over as writer for Green Lantern. A comic whose premise is that emotion and thought can be willed into existence using multi-colored rings? Seems like something Morrison might be able to do something with that.

So join us – Paul Matthew Carr and Brian K. Reese – for a lively and rambling and hopefully entertaining discussion on comics and comic related material.

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Resurrections- An Adam Warlock and Thanos Podcast

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