And on this episode we will be talking about one of – if not the – most important character ever created in comics and what is most likely the quintessential story collection in his vast volumes of work. It can not be overstated how influential this work has been and continues to be not only in comics but in the wold of entertainment in general. It is philosophically uplifting, socially relevant, and of course probably the most entertaining three panel storytelling (if not storytelling overall) ever created.

That’s right, on the program we will be discussing – as many probably guessed – the classic 1996 collection by Jim DavisGarfield: Tons of Fun. This is of course the 29th collection of the opus that is Garfield and one of the best in our mind.

And in deference to the subject matter we are not going to talk about any other topics as we feel it would take away from the dignity of this collection and its historical importance.

So join us – Paul Matthew Carr and Brian K. Reese – for a lively and rambling and hopefully entertaining discussion on comics and comic related material.

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