On this episode we get all meta on ya. Metatextual, metaphysical, I never meta man I didn’t like, etc. Yes, we are talking about the famous and infamous (this time the story falls into both categories) run of Animal Man by Grant Morrison with art by Chas Truag and Doug Hazelwood. This is one of those runs in comics that is so different, so influential, and so good that it is really hard to put into words how to describe it. But that does not stop us from trying. It is the story of a fictional character aware of the fact that he is a fictional character and deals with the philosophical ramifications that comes along with that realization. Also there is the tragic loss of a cat. It all makes for a lively and fun discussion.

“Maybe, for once, we can try to be kind.”
– the character of Grant Morrison as written by Grant Morrison

Also on the program we discuss the announcement of the Sandman Universe, the spin-off titles from the much beloved series by Neil Gaiman, and we try to decide if this throwback to 90s nostalgia is actually something that needs to be – or all we all living in a dream? In addition we also discuss the announcement that Ta-Nehisi Coates will be writing Captain America and if a writer of his caliber can make Captain America great again.

So join us – Paul Matthew Carr and Brian K. Reese – for a lively and rambling and hopefully entertaining discussion on comics and comic related material.

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