Today on the program we’re going to do a quick, short episode to talk about a sad topic – and that is the recent death of comic book icon – Denny O’Neil.

Denny O’Neil passed away recently at the age of 81. His contributions to comics are immense – and that is not an understatement. Denny O’Neil started writing for comics in the 1960s and continued working for Marvel and DC among others on through the 1990s and eventually became an editor on till his retirement. Known for his impressive and innovative run on Batman, the iconic storylines in Green lantern/Green Arrow, and so much more – not to mention the name Optimus Prime – Denny O’Neil was one of the most innovative and important writers in the history of comics, and was one of the architects of how the industry progressed and developed and matured. His voice will be missed.

On this short episodes Brian and Paul share their memories and thoughts on this giant of the comics industry.

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