Today on the program will be a short bonus episode to discuss some breaking news: DC has announced that it will be cutting ties with Diamond Distributors.

In a statement from DC”:

“After 25 years DC and Diamond Comic Distributors and are ending their long-standing relationship. Moving forward, comic book retailers can obtain their DC books from Penguin Random House, or their books and periodicals through Lunar or UCS comic book distributors.”

This is a incredibly complex and nuanced subject and Brian and I attempt to get to the bottom of it with a) very little information and b) a reluctance to actually take a side. So you know, a typical conversation for us.

This will be the first of several Bonus episodes to help bridge the gap between main episodes. Due to events happening in the world Brian and I have had our schedules shaken up a bit and because of that our free time does not quite sync up the way it used to and that has led to long gaps between episodes. We are very aware of this so in order to fill in those gaps we decided to do shorter bonus content like this just so there is some kind of content coming out – and not to mention we just like to chat from time to time. And I hope this is somewhat entertaining.

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