Hello everyone and welcome to the Collected Edition. This is just a quick news episode to give everyone an update on what has been happening with the show. We haven’t released episodes in a while and that is going to change real soon – next week in fact. But in the meantime we put together a couple quick outtakes from previous episodes that got cut for time and just didn’t fit into the flow of the episode.

The first is out thoughts on the passing of Fred Willard that happened a couple hours before we started recording and the second is our thoughts – well Brian’s actually – on the firing of Dan Didio earlier in the year.

Also, we still want you recommendations for episodes!! So if you’d like Brian and I to talk about a particular series of character let us know and we will attempt to sound interesting as we discuss it.  Let us know on Titter: @CollectedEdPod

Thanks everyone for your patience and we’ll be back next week with Astro City volume 1: Life in the Big City.

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