Every once in a wile you stumble upon something so cool you just have to share. Come to think of it that’s actually the basis of the majority of blogs on the Internet. Anyway this is an example of a cool finding share on a blog.

The other day I was bopping around the Interwebs looking for a cover image of This Man This Monster the classic Fantastic Four #51 issue and I stumbled upon the website of artist Kerry Callen. I was pleased to find some really great animated covers for some classic Marvel issues, including the aforementioned  This Man This Monster you can see above. This is some really amazing work and just a lot of fun.

Here are a few other examples of Callen’s Marvel covers:

Animation by Kerry Callen, art by Jim Steranko

Animation by Kerry Callen, art by Steve Ditko

Animation by Kerry Callen, art by Bob Layton

In addition to the animated Marvel covers there is some DC stuff as well as some other really interesting articles and sundry bits of fun. Check it out: Kerry Callen’s Blog

above image credit: Animation by Kerry Callen, art by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott