“A hero’s journey writ small…
with cosmic implications. ”

Today on the program we discuss the classic run on Starman written by James Robinson and art by Tony Harris. This is a beloved run on the character (and deservedly so) with lots of phallic imagery. Also, Paul and Brian have differing ideas on the true nature of Jack Knight – is he a jerk or just misunderstood? Disagreements abound!

This also serves as our 2021 end-of-year episode where we give our picks for our top 5 best comics of the year.

A personal note from Paul: Thank you to everyone who has continued to be supportive and patient in what turned out to be a very haphazard and difficult year for me personally. And here’s to a new year of what I hope will be just plain normality. Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy this episode and stick with us for some exciting things being planned for 2022.   

Thanks again for listening.

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